Divorce and Your Marital Home

According to The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce is the second most stressful live event on their The Top 10 Most Stressfu Life Events. (paindoctor.com)

You're dividing up everything that you've worked so hard to obtain. For me, next to deciding visitation schedules for our children, how to dispose of our marital home was second on my list of highly charged emotions. We had bought the land on which to build our first home and had it privately built. It was what we could afford as a first home but every bit of it was customized to our taste. We laid every piece of sod and later every brick for our patio. Everything was a labor of love. It was truly our home.

Deciding how to dispose of what is most likely your biggest asset (financially and emotionally) is a challenge but beginning the process with the most accurate and clear information is a distinct advantage.

Do you know that there are two options to consider? Sell or Buyout.

My brochure BUYOUT OR SELL (email me for your FREE copy of this valuable brochure) answers questions, such as How do you determine the buyout price for your home? What if neither of us wants or can afford a buyout?

Divorce is stressful but it doesn't have to be. If you haven't yet discussed your unique situation with a divorce professional, I strongly recommend you do so. The awesome attorneys at SMEDLEY LAW GROUP specialize in giving you the clarity you need during this challenging time. Click the link on their firm name to learn how they can help you achieve your new dream reality. 

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